For Christmas we gave both sets of Grandparents a webcam so they could see the boys and the boys could see them.

Here are pics of my parents Skyping with Michael last night. They were able to read him a book too. Michael had a blast talking to Papa. The first time we tried this he was a bit confused and kept looking behind the laptop, but last night he had it all figured out. He was showing them all his favorite toys, listening to stories and enjoying talking to Nama and Papa.

5 thoughts on “SKYPING

  1. Beth

    is something on michael’s cheek in the second picture on the blog?? it looks red or something? it might just be the camera or a reflection or something

  2. Beth

    speaking of tub of balls..i love how he’s just chillin in the tub loving his life with a huge grin on his face talking to nama and papa! haha

  3. Tim

    Sometime I wish I had a tub of balls in front of my computer instead of an office chair.

    It looks fun to me.

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