New Computer!

My old computer was going on 5 years old, which multiplied by computer years is somewhere around forever old.  Meg allowed me to be completely selfish and play “kid in a candy store” at my favorite hardware sites and order some new hardware.

A week later after my very large boxes came in the mail, and incidentally the very night I got back from a week of work in ND, I began putting it back together.

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At around midnight I flipped the switch on what was sure to become a “face meltingly” fast machine.  Then when nothing worked, I had to take out every little piece of hardware I had spent the entire night screwing, snapping, and sliding into place.

Around 5:00 am after I got everything back into place, and after I found the small jumper that was missing on the motherboard, I flipped the switch on what I was hoping was going to be an at least functional computer.

That time it worked, and Meg says I haven’t stopped smiling since.

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6 thoughts on “New Computer!

  1. Mom

    So glad this made u happy….you really had to work for it you must have been exhausted..having trouble with the skype…dad it in Ks doing Jonie Small’s funeral miss u

  2. Tim

    2.66 Ghz Core I7
    3GB DDR triple channel memory
    3 640GB Hard Drives
    GeForce GTX 295 w / 1792 GB of texture memory

    It’s incredible.

  3. Nama Clute

    Congrats Tim on your new computer – I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about but I’m excited for you.
    I can’t imagine how tired you were by the time it was up and running!

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