Where Were You When ….?

There are a few big moments in every generation that get people asking, “Where were you when…?”

For my generation it has been:

“…. Princess Diana died?”

I don’t remember this, but I do remember my mom watching the funeral coverage with a box of tissues.

“…. the planes hit the Twin Towers?”

I was a freshman at JC. I actually woke up in time to get to my first class. I was in line to take a shower. A girl shouted down the hall for everyone to come quick a plane just hit a twin tower. I saw the second plane hit.

“….  Obama became the President of the United States of America.

I was making mac n’ cheese for my boys, salting their lunch with my tears. What can I say, the whole even made me cry.

I wanted the boys to know what they were doing when this historic moment happened. I know they won’t remember, so for them….

They didn’t care so much about the man on the TV. However, Michael loved seeing the presentation of the gaurds. I told Michael that the soldiers were marching. Michael’s face lit up. He began to scream “MARCHING!” He then said, “Mommy MARCH!” So I picked him up and we marched while the soldiers marched on TV. Then Michael wanted to march himself. You wouldn’t know he was marching if he hadn’t been screaming “MARCHING!” Michael’s march is somewhere between a hop and a run. It is hillariously cute. I love him.  So much.

3 thoughts on “Where Were You When ….?

  1. Steve

    Princess Diana died: I was in Linton, ND. Watching the news cover every second of it.
    The planes hit the twin towers: I was just getting ready to go to work study for the English dept. when Tony Magnall told me that a plane just hit a building in New York. At the English dept a tv was set up by my desk and I saw the second plane hit the other building.
    Obama became president: At work a projector was set up showing a very jerky online feed from CNN.com Most of the office was crammed into our central training room.

  2. Tim

    That’s cool that your office had it.
    At the Department of Revenue, they had it up in an auditorium so people could go watch it during their breaks.

    I had the CNN feed up on my laptop while I worked.

  3. Nama Clute

    We were living at 205 when Diana died – she and prince charles were married the same week that Dad and I were and their kids were about the same age as you girls so I always followed the news of their life.

    I was in Bismarck when the Twin Towers were hit and I remember getting a phone call to get back to Minot and then you calling and asking what was going on. I

    Yesterday I was in a senate appropriations hearing when Barack Obama was sworn in. I looked up at the clock and thought “we have a new president”.

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