I’m just quick posting to let you know that the reason why the site’s been a little dead lately is because Meg and I have undertaken quite a large project. We’ll have a big post on the whole project as soon as we finish it. We’re taking lots of pictures, so expect some more updates in a little bit.

7 thoughts on “Busy…

  1. Meg

    it started with the idea of dry walling the laundry room. Then the heating guy said that we should remove and seal the badly installed humidifier and he couldn’t get heat in the basement with out adding some vents. We couldn’t add vents until he could move the wrongly placed return air. To move the wrongly placed return air to the correct place we needed to frame the closet we were planning to add to the basement bedroom (so it would technically be a bedroom) so…. we are framing a closet, then calling the heating guy back, then drywalling the closet and laundry room and THEN we can start on the bathroom.

  2. Tim Post author

    Well I was going to leave it a little bit of a secret until we had some finished pictures to post, but yeah we basically have a gigantic hole in what used to be the basement office.

  3. Beth

    Sounds like you guys have your hands full!! hopefully i’ll be able to get up there soon so i can help in some way!!

  4. Meg

    yeah. we always have our hands full. any time that you can come up and play with the boys is a huge help! Come soon!

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