Growing up I went to the YMCA daycare. We always called it the Y. We now have a family membership at the Woodbury YMCA. Like so many other things in life, Grandma Moo instead of Grandma Arnold, Grandpa Bux instead of Grandpa Clute, Uffda instead of …. a more rounded vocabulary and Y instead of YMCA, I never really grew out of the familiar childlike names.

This morning Michael was particularly chatty. We talked about the Y and how you had to wear your shoes the whole time you were in the kids play area (the past few days he has been taking them off and throwing them at other kids). We made it to the check in area with out the usual commotion. I pulled Michael out of the stroller and set him on the counter to put his shoes on. He began to scream “Y” with excitement. I replied, “yes we are at the Y and you need to wear shoes”  The caregiver then felt like she should help out because he was still yelling “Y!!!” She began to explain that it was important to wear shoes so you didn’t step on a toy and hurt your feet. Michael looked at her all confused and yelled, “Y!!!” She went on explaining that stepping on toys gives you owwies and it isn’t fun to have owwies. Michael looked at her again, waiting for her to open the half door into the kids area so he could play and screamed, “Y!”

It took everything in me not to laugh at the poor lady. I just handed Michael over the door. As I was leaving Michael was saying in is excited whisper, “wow Y!”  The lady was still trying to rationalize with him, probably thinking she was making progress because he was now whispering.

When I came to pick them up the one of the ladies proudly handed me PJ and said, “he didn’t eat anything today!” (monday he ate glue, tuesday he ate playdough) and then the lady who had been explaining to Michael why needed shoes handed me a shoesless Michael.

3rd day in a row Michael concored the no shoe rule.

I am a proud mom.

4 thoughts on “Y?

  1. Tim

    I love my boys. Patrick not eating anything is a breakthrough by the way. It sounds funny, but that kid eats everything. His meal, Michael’s meal, Lucy’s meal. Everything.

  2. Nama Clute

    Cute! I can just hear him yelling “Y”! I’m glad to hear Patrick’s diet is limited to food. Miss you – mom

  3. Beth

    I think this is great!!! i’ve never said anything but the Y and no one from anywhere else but minot knows what i’m talking about. haha…no one get’s how sweet it was!! anyways hope to see you guys soon…good luck with the projects. miss and love you! give the boys a kiss for me and tell them buffy is coming in 28 sleeps! 😀

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