Kinda Peeved

We got Comcast TV (or something to that affect) along with a land line installed yesterday.

Tim is pumped because we now have HD for our fancy TV and the picture is great. Even  I can tell the difference.

However, the new TV package doesn’t come with my favorite channel. The channel I could watch 24/7. The DIY Network.

In order to get DIY we would have to bump up our bundle to the most expensive package. Which means paying for and getting a bunch of extras we don’t need. So frustrating. Why? Because they are out to get me. I am now officially peeved at Comcast for screwing all the Do It Yourselfers out of some great TV.

No other channel has my favorite shows, Sweat Equity, Rock Solid, Red, White and Green.

So to the Comcast People who set channel standards for packages:


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