Sneak Peek

We are almost done!

The closet is almost framed. Then we call the heating guy to add, move, repair ducts. THEN we tear down wainscoting. THEN we add drywall and new ledge. THEN we paint. THEN I sew new curtains and make a few pillows. THEN we enjoy our new basement!!!

7 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

  1. Meg

    Ah gee. Thanks Guys. I do have to admit it must be the camera angle. I eat just the right amount of ice cream to off set any progress I have from going to Boot Camp! 😉

  2. Nama Clute

    Can’t wait to see your project – you guys have really worked hard to make your house a great home. I’m impressed! We are in the midst of another winter storm which is supposed to last till Wednesday morning. We’re hoping it doesn’t delay our travel plans! love, nama clute

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