Michael’s QOTD

It hit 40 degrees today in Cottage Grove. The boys and I were going stir crazy so I put on their winter gear and we headed out into the front yard. (the steps on the deck looked a little treacherous for me to be carrying two squirmy boys and the gate is blocked by about 3 feet of snow)

Patrick mastered his boots and was happy just toodling around checking thing out. Michael on the other hand was not quite getting the whole melting snow thing. He said “Hello GRASS!” to every patch of grass he could find. Rediscovered all the old familiar things that were now covered in snow. He loves snow and winter. He really loves grass and summer. He was a little overwhelmed by the in between.

The one thing he really couldn’t wrap his head around were the bushes that are now dormant but once had flowers.

He stood there contemplating it for quite a while then shouted,


There was no use explaining. I was laughing too hard and by the time I caught my breath he had moved onto the rocks.

So there it is. Michael’s Quote Of The Day. I second it. I am ready to see some flowers again too!

4 thoughts on “Michael’s QOTD

  1. Tim

    Sometimes I catch myself, because I realize I’m having entire conversations with the kid and he knows exactly what I’m saying. And other times, he’ll insist that we should make a breakfast for his blanket, because “Blanket hungry too!”.

  2. Tim

    yeah, I like it. It’s a little hard to click on some of the tags, but I think it’s functional. Be sure to let me know if you guys like the old tag cloud better.

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