Michael likes books…

Last night when I was reading to Michael, I asked him (as I usually do) what book he wants to read. Usually he responds with “dirty dog”, “go train go”, “snug house, bug house”, or “big red barn”, which are some of his favorites.

But last night he looked at me kind of funny when I asked him that, then proceeded to wander around his room with his head tilted. I thought at first he was just being his usual weird self, but then he found a book, and carefully placed it in the middle of the room. He continued to wander, collecting books, and meticulously lining them up on top of each other in the middle of the room.

When each book was collected, and each book’s corner lined up perfectly, he squatted down, picked them up, and dropped them all in my lap.

We read a lot of books that night.

2 thoughts on “Michael likes books…

  1. Steve

    Michael, I miss your wierd self and can’t wait until you can read for yourself. There are more great books out there waiting for you.

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