Prison Life-the Good Life?

Some say that prisoners got it too easy now. They get real food (not bread and water), they get quality exercise equipment, time out side, training for jobs when they leave and conjugal visits.

If you think that prison life is easy for those inmates, you probably don’t think they are learning their lesson “the hard way”

Time Out used to be a serious punishment in our house, met with tears and pleas of “ALL DONE TIME OUT!”

It has now become as cushy as present day prison life.

Michael has a nice colorful mat to sit on, a bit of leeway on how big time out area it (the base of the steps not just the mat) and a cute cabana boy to bring him his every need.

Michael is in Time Out right now. Just shortly after being seated on the step, Patrick brought Michael over his snack, his juice, the toy he was playing with and then sat with him to keep him company.

Life is good for the bad guys.

Why do I try so hard to be good?

One thought on “Prison Life-the Good Life?

  1. Nama Clute

    That is so cute – it’s like the Meg and Beth “thing” that I used to watch. I’m heading back to the EOC this morning.

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