Shannon Babies

First off… Ben and Carmen I got a question. Is it Zeke or Zeek?  I have seen both ways.

Ben called this morning with an update on Zeke (I am sticking with Zeke until told otherwise). Yesterday Zeke went back to the hospital with jaundice. He was pretty yellow and a bit lethargic.

According to Ben he is feeding better and his color is returning to a healthy pink. They are cooking him under the lamps and that seems to help. When I last talked to Ben, Zeke had passed one of the two tests needed to be released.

PJ had a bit of jaundice when he was first born but it cleared up on its own. It is scary when they are that small and get lethargic. I am sure prayers of healing and comfort would be much appreciated.

Other than that. Nothing much to report. Michael has decided that throwing rocks is more than worth a time out. Michael and I are in a constant power struggle. I think he is winning at the moment. PJ is babbling more and more. He waved and said buh bye when leaving the hospital on Sunday. We didn’t notice until we were in the elevator that he was even doing it. Michael’s tantrum took center stage and PJ’s milestone got lost in the commotion. Ah the plight of the 2nd born….

here is the Jamestown Sun birth announcement.

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