They are becoming friends. I love it. Michael makes sure “Baby Patrick” has socks and shoes on before we go outside. Patrick doesn’t just follow Michael around mimicking him any more. PJ insists on being apart of the fun. AND the biggest step forward is that PJ is fighting back now. Michael can’t get a toy away from him with out working for it.They seem to really enjoy being around each other.

On the flip side, they now gang up on me.

Here is a pic from this morning. I put them in front of a movie so I could shower. I still can’t leave PJ alone for the 15 minutes it takes to shower so he was in the high chair. Michael wheeled the trike in from the other room so he could reach up and play trains with PJ on his tray.

Normally, when I get out of the shower and their is silence I know I am trouble. This was a welcome surprise.

I love my boys.

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