I believe that Michael was born a farmer. It is in his blood. We were right to name him Michael Donovan after my Grandpa Moo.

For those of you who don’t know or are new to reading this blog. Grandma and Grandpa Moo are my Mom’s parents. The story goes, I could not say Grandma and Grandpa Arnold so they became Grandma and Grandpa Moo. They lived on a farm. They had cows. Makes sense to me. Grandma still signs her cards as Grandma Moo and I love her even more for that. In fact, Michael calls her Grandma Moo whenever he sees a picture of her. The tradition continues…

Tonight at dinner Michael wouldn’t eat his snap peas. I snapped them open thinking maybe he would at least eat the peas. He was so excited he exclaimed, “Leaves Open GREEN BALL!”

I tried to convince him they were peas his response, “I know its a ball.”

He climbed out of his chair saying, “I find tractor.”

He came back with his, “John Deere Combine” (any John Deere machinery that he doesn’t know the name for quickly gets dubbed a combine) and proceeded to harvest the peas



After the hard work of harvest, he settled down with a good book.

I love my little farmer. He is living up to his name. No doubt, Grandpa was smiling down on us watching Michael harvest his first crop!

3 thoughts on “FARMER!

  1. Nama Clute

    Too Cute! That combine ride last fall was life altering for Michael Donovan! You’re right – Grandpa “Moo” is smiling.

  2. Tim

    I wish I could get out of eating my peas by playing with them. I guess I’m just not cute enough anymore.

  3. Jessica Santini

    This is adorable. We’ll be harvesting tons of hay (literally) this summer, so if you’re ever up visiting Tim’s side of the family, and Michael wants to ride on a tractor, call us!

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