My Loves

First: my wonderful, caring, patient husband Tim

Second: my boys. My dirty, messy, screaming, mac ‘n cheese devouring boys.

Third: my family, all branches of it.

Fourth: my good friends, you know who you are!

Somewhere in there is my loyal dog Lucy, her status in the group depends on the price tag of her next vet bill. (only kinda joking)

and then it is Theatre. I love you theatre! And today is a big day in theatre. Just because I have not worn a costume, caked on layers of stage makeup, sang a show tune or memorized lines in the past 3 years doesn’t mean I don’t still love it. In fact, I miss it. A lot. One of the ways I keep in touch with this love of mine is through….

wait for it….

the Tonys!


If you are not familiar with The Producers, you may not get the song reference. I have to say this, get familiar with the reference. They made a movie version. Go out and rent it. Heck, come over and borrow it (I will expect some collateral though!)

Anyways… the nominations for this years Tonys were announced today and it is a big list.

So thats that. On this sacred day, pull out your favorite Showtune CD and remember why you love it so much. Whatever it is, Hard Knock Life, I Dreamed a Dream, All I Ask of You, Defying Gravity or the sinfully funny Worst Pies in London go listen and sing along at the top of your lungs. It is a sure fire way to put a smile on your face!

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