Daddy’s Afternoon Off

Ben and Carmen were planning on stopping by this afternoon for a pit stop on their way to see Carmen’s family. Tim took the afternoon off so he could coo and cuddle Zeke. Carmen’s sister ruined our plans by having a baby this morning.  (btw, Congrats Kim and Trent!) Ben and Carmen drove through MN with out stopping so they could have some extra time with the new baby.

Tim was 3 minutes from home when he found out they were not coming. He decided to stay home anyway and the results were a great afternoon with Daddy in the backyard.

So thank you to Carmen’s sister Kim. Nice timing!

We will get to see baby Zeke on their way back to ND, so all is good. The boys had a blast with Tim and we still get to see Zeke (and Ben and Carmen) on Sunday. Win Win.

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