Yesterday’s Michaelism:

Keep in mind we have been in pre-potty training mode. We have been talking about every aspect of potty time, reading books and even watching an Elmo movie about potty time….

Yesterday coming home from the YMCA there was an awful 5 car pile up. Michael was excited to see all the cop cars, fire trucks, and ambulances with their lights going.

We had the windows rolled down in the van. I didn’t want to be the car with the kid screaming and cheering about the accident so, hoping to change the mood in the van I said, “Uh oh. Bad accident.”

Michael didn’t miss a beat. He stated with all his toddler wisdom, “Its okay. Accidents happen.”

Just thinking about it makes me want to sing (in Elmo’s very distict cartoon voice), “Accidents happen, that’s what they say. Accidents happen and thats okay. Accidents happen when your awake or your napping. Accidents happen and thats okay!”

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