Meatless Monday: Week 5

It is our 5th Meatless Monday and I have to admit I woke up looking forward to it.

It is a challenge (a fun kind of challenge) to make a days worth of meals with out meat.

I was raised a Midwest All American, meat a potato, corn fed kid. Meat was the main dish. It was the base layer in all casseroles, it was barbecued on the grill, rotated on spit, stacked on a sandwich, slow roasted in the crock pot and fried on the stove top. Needless to say, I grew up believing a meatless meal was “for the birds.”

Don’t get me wrong. I still love a good steak. In fact, we had that for dinner last night. But eating meatless one a week has so many advantages for you body, your wallet and the environment.

Tim fully supports our new tradition. The boys don’t really know the difference. They are just happy to see noodles on their plate. Its the perfect day for grilled cheese, spaghetti, mac n cheese or their fav PB&J roll ups.

For lunch, Tim eats a PB&J sandwich with his favorite peanut butter and some of my mom’s homemade jam instead of a deli meat sandwich. Today I had a really yummy butternut squash ravioli from Lean Cuisine.

For dinner we have picked up Papa Murphy’s gourmet vegetarian pizza (with out onions (Tim) and with out black olives (me)) ate pasta with a chunky vegetable sauce and tried the Archer Farms spinach and goat cheese pizza (so so so very good)

Mondays are also softball night for us. Doing a meatless meal is fast and doesn’t sit heavy either. On nights when it takes our team longer than the usual 30 minutes to loose by the 10 run rule and we have to eat a late diner, it is nice to not go to bed stuffed.

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