Patrick’s ING

Michael has been busy this past week so most of the posts have been about him. I didn’t want Patrick James to come down with little sibling syndrome (if you are not familiar with this ask my little sis Beth)

So here is an up date on what our little PJ has been doING

climbing: on everything. up down and around. he is a monkey

laughing: at everythins his big brother does

mimicing: everything his big brother does

petting: PJ now has the art of “gentle pets” down and now lucy and him are best buds.

eating: the kid can pack away a half a box of mac n cheese and still have room for a cookie. another favorite is dog food.

digging: PJ loves the dirt. any form of it. Be it mom’s potted plants, the make shift sand box or the new retaining wall. PJ just wants to dig.

watching: for planes.

listening: for planes

pointing: at planes

babbling: about everything all the time.

talking: he has “NO!” down. Some of his other words are, mama, dada and more

wearing: a size 18-24 month and some 2Ts. My baby is getting big!

driving: his tractors, cars, trucks or anything else with wheels

spitting: we are trying to break this habit. (not going well)

giggling: anytime he sees Elmo

splashing: Patrick loves bathtime. I can’t wait for it to warm up enough to have the pool set up

running: he has gotten fast. he sounds like an elephant when he runs. he stomps around. it is easy to find him. unlike Michael, PJ does not run on his toes!

clapping: whenever he does something he thinks is clever

smiling: at the camera, he is still a ham.

bouncing: he loves bouncing on Michael’s big bed

wrestling: they are boys, not much else to say here.

loving: hugs, kisses, extra attention and nothing make him happier than when you see him across the room and give him a big smile. He lights up like a Christmas tree.

Buh Bye-ing: waving buh bye to anyone and everyone whenever we leave somewhere

breaking hearts: especially his mommy’s

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