When you are in town…

Check out our butcher.

I am not kidding. Nothing beats this small town, family owned meat market. Unless you are talking about small town, family owned office supply stores!  But for butchers, they got the market cornered.

Not only are their products incredible and so very tasty (seriously, you have to try one of their many flavors of brats) but the staff is so helpful and genuinely want to help you.

They are so fairly priced. You can stock up your freezer for almost the same cost as going to Sam’s Club but the quality is incomparable.

Lucy knows that when I come home from  Bonngards she gets a special treat. They have barrels of smoked bones for dogs.

My dad loves their ribs and he does not hand out praise for ribs sparingly. (pun intended)

and cut. end of butcher promo.

what can I say, I like to help out the little guys!

One thought on “When you are in town…

  1. Kathy

    That butcher shop is right by my church! You may have seen it – it is that cute little brown UCC on the corner by Bonngards. The youth group does a fundraiser with bonngards every summer – I have no idea how it works or when it is, but I will make sure to facebook you when it happens so you can stock up at that time, why not, huh?

    Is your family loving cottage grove? We are moving after the wedding to the other side of 494 – a whole 10 minutes away – I can’t wait 🙂

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