Brotherly Love

The entire upstairs floor of the house was in need of cleaning, so today Meg and I herded the boys upstairs so they could play within earshot while we cleaned.

After a few minutes of picking up a (5 gallon) bucket load of tractors stuffed in various crevices and hide-y holes in Michael’s room, and discovering no less than 5 spoons in different places in Patrick’s room (don’t ask, I have no idea either), we heard the boys making a ruckus in our bedroom.

It’s quite a treat for the boys to be in our room alone, and it is the one place in the house where we let ourselves go and don’t worry about what is within reach of little fingers. They were really enjoying it, and were bouncing on the bed and wrestling.

Wrestling is something fairly new for the boys. It consists of Michael hugging Patrick and dragging him down to the ground, which is commonly followed by Patrick shouting for a bit, then getting back up and jumping on Michael. We have a video of when this started which we may get around to posting some day.

After Meg and I confirmed that the boys were playing as nicely as possible, we continued to clean in the other rooms. After another few minutes went by, and we heard Michael shout “Patrick You’re Awesome!”

True story, you can’t make this stuff up. I don’t know where Michael got the phrase from, or why he felt the urge to use it then, but when we heard it, Meg and I just looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Awesome indeed.

One thought on “Brotherly Love

  1. Beth

    That’s so was just telling me just the other day about michaels little comment when he was going thru that little ordeal at the dinner table…where is he getting these phrases. I wish I could’ve been there. The pictures are great. PS i would love to see that video of the boys wrestling.

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