Wish List

Size 3T- he could go into some 4T stuff though
Shoe Size – toddler 11
Michael is into anything animals right now, specifically African/Zoo animals

Size 2T- could go 3T, but not for a while
Shoe Size -toddler 9
Patrick is still into trains and firetrucks. Pretty much anything that goes vroom. Also fish (That said, if anyone gives hims a fish tank for live fish, we will not accept it. Lucy is enough. We don’t want fish) Books about fishes are good, live fish-BAD!

As always, Books are great. They love new books. Board books are still okay, but for the most part they have grown out of that. They enjoy a story now.

Thanks Rach for the reminder. We have been fielding so many calls about this that posting the list just slipped our mind!

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