Its a…..

We will be finding out the sex of the baby but not for about another month. For now what I can confidently say that the sex doesn’t matter this time around. It doesn’t matter because either way this baby is coming out a bright red ripe tomato.

There isn’t a meal we have eaten in the past couple weeks that hasn’t included a tomato.

The photo above is a typical lunch for me right now. A light rye WASA cracker, a little olive oil mayo, half a slice of provolone and a freshly sliced tomato. Yum!

I have always loved tomatoes. Ever since picking tomatoes right out of my Grandma Ione’s garden, I have loved tomatoes. But now my love for tomatoes has escalated to a need for tomatoes.

This baby may not actually be a tomato, but I would bet good money he or she will love tomatoes like I do. We have that in common already. Michael may have Tim’s eyes. Patrick loves buttons just like his dad. But this baby, no matter what he or she looks like or likes to play with, and I will always have tomatoes!

7 thoughts on “Its a…..

  1. Beth

    Did you think that possibly he/she will be completely burnt out/ averted (right word??) from tomatoes?? just a thought.

  2. Meg

    nope not a chance… well I did eat a whole watermelon in one sitting once when I was pregnant with Michael and now he won’t even look at one. But he is the exception to every rule- so no. Not a chance. Baby 3 will have no aversion to tomatoes! 🙂

  3. Christine

    I craved V-8 right away in my preganancy, but my big thing has been milk. I literally have always HATED milk. Now I can’t seem to get enough of it.

  4. Meg

    Christine- your little girl must have super powers! I didn’t think anyone ever would be able to get you to drink milk!! Motherhood changes you in the weirdest ways 😉

  5. Beth

    Ugh….I don’t think I could ever crave tomatoes! even I did have a baby growing in the oven… but maybe Christine, since you’ve never liked milk and now you do, maybe it could happen.

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