Unscheduled Ultrasound

For the past week or so I have been having cramps that were very similar to contractions. I went into the doctor this morning and from what she could tell -my BP was 108/52, baby’s heart rate was in the 150s- everything was normal, but just to be safe I was sent in for an ultrasound.

Any time there is anything unplanned in a pregnancy it is nerve racking. I am surprised my BP wasn’t through the roof!  I waited for what seemed like for ever, not only were the nerves making the clock slow down but I also had to drink 32oz of water a hour before the ultrasound in order for the technician to get a clear read. 32oz of water and not being able to pee when pregnant is the equivalent of water boarding! I thought I was going to burst.

The technician was sympathetic to my bulging bladder and did her job quickly and efficiently.

The baby is okay. *sigh* Everything is attached and where it is suppose to be. The only surprise was that the baby is measuring at 15weeks and 4 days. According to the original due date the baby should be 17weeks 4 days. I was reassured that the further along in pregnancy the less accurate the actual age of the baby is, however being 2 weeks off means that most likely my due date may shift a bit. I am now guessing the baby will come somewhere between Michael’s birthday and mine. Michael’s being the absolute earliest and my birthday being the date that if the baby hasn’t come by then, I will take matters into my own hands! (not quite sure how I would do that yet but I got some time to figure that out.)

So, all is well with me and baby. Tim on the other hand is sick. He has missed 3 days of work in a row and Tim never misses work. We are hoping he perks up and is feeling better tomorrow. I think just hearing the good news that the baby is okay helped him. We were all a little nervous… but all is well. I am going to go insert an IV of Gatorade into Tim’s arm and keep toasting up toast for him.

As soon as we figure out what my doc thinks the due date is we will post a ticker up on the website!

2 thoughts on “Unscheduled Ultrasound

  1. Beth

    I’m glad everything is good! EXCEPT, that my dream was right last night and your due date got pushed back. I don’t care what Clay says, I’m not coming back down here until you have the baby and I get enough time with him/her! 🙂

  2. Erika

    I am glad things are good. I totally forgot you had a blog and I love the videos you post. I will have to check in on all of you more often.

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