Happy Birthday Michael Donovan!

We love you kiddo.

Your energy exhausts me.

Your laugh is contagious.

When you sing you melt my heart and now you can even match a pitch!

You are as stubborn as a mule.

You love animals more than anything else. Your favorite are big cats.

You have  complete control over your brother and you exercise that control 24/7.

You also have an uncanny sense to what your brother wants and needs.

You don’t like to poop on the potty but you love to wear unde r w ear.

You like to be outside and your favorite is to swim at the beach.

You are far from patient however you are a great traveler.

You are a picky eater. Your favorite food in mac ‘n cheese from Noodles and Co. You eat disgusting amounts of it anytime we go there.

You love wrestling with your Daddy and your brother.

You are starting to be able to pick out words in stories. Your favorite words to find are “tiger” and “zoo.”

Besides Patrick your best friend is a little girl across the street named Milly. She is just a few months older than you but she has complete control over you. You do whatever she says. Your favorite thing to do with her is draw with sidewalk chalk and throw water balloons.

I can not believe that it has been four years already. I know it sounds like a cliche but it is true, time flies. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were bringing you home from the hospital. Ever since we brought you home you and Lucy have been had a mutual agreement, you rule the house and she stays out of your way. It is fun to see you two play together now. You still rule the house, that hasn’t changed.

When your Dad gets home in time to see you before bed he loves to wrestle with you and get you all riled up. I think he secretly does this so he can spend extra time reading to you and your brother before bed. He loves that time of day with his boys.

My favorite thing to do with you is to just sit and talk. You tell great stories and have an incredible imagination. If you hear a word or story once you never forget it. You are a sponge like that.

It has been a wild 4 years. You have pushed me to my limits almost daily. Because of you I have learned the best way to clean poo off of every surface imaginable. You have taught me how to be a mom. I think you have a good thing going being the oldest (I always loved being the oldest) but because of that you have become our parenting guinea pig. Thank you for being patient while we learn what works and what doesn’t.

I love you Michael Donovan. I am proud of you. You are a good big brother to Patrick and I know you will be a wonderful big brother to your baby sister – if she ever comes. I apologize ahead of time if she comes on your birthday… we didn’t plan it like that.

Happy Birthday my big 4 year old! I love you.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Michael Donovan!

  1. Beth

    Happy Birthday Buddy!!! I love you!!! I hope you had a fun day at the beach! I had a blast! Keep pushing my buttons because you always know you can get away with it! Yay!! you pooped! “a big one”

  2. Jess

    Ah, man….pass the kleenex! 🙂 This post is such a cool gift for Michael–he has a very special mommy. Michael, I can’t believe you are FOUR already! I hope you had a very special day!

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