Baby Pool

Only three people are left in the game and things are not looking good for Carmen… if I have this baby by 10:30 tonight it will be a miracle!

I am entering a new guess because it is my game and I am the one carrying the baby so I can do that sort of thing!

I am optimistically guessing this Saturday.

Anyone else have another guess?

If it helps you choose a date let me tell you what has been going on…. Nothing! Contractions start up but they never really go anywhere. My original due date is tomorrow (July 14th). I don’t “feel” like the baby is coming any time soon – if ever. I refuse to take caster oil. However, I can only walk around the block once with out contractions starting up.

That is about it.

Tomorrow I have another appointment with my doc. I will let you know if she has any more insight.

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