If Baby Girl isn’t here by tomorrow morning I am scheduled to get a Biophysical Ultrasound at noon.

I feel fine and baby is still moving a lot so this is a better safe than sorry routine ultrasound that they do for any pregnant woman who goes a week and a half over her due date.

I personally think that my due date is incorrect. I think it is later than the docs think. Baby has always measured slightly smaller and even one of the ultrasounds early on suggested that my due date was a week later than originally thought. I guess this is why they call it a “birth window” and “estimated due date.”

Tim is on vacation/paternity leave now and the boys are loving having daddy around.

We have a friend lined up to take the boys when I do go into labor since Beth and my Mom had to head back to ND.

I will update tomorrow with either news of Baby Girl finally arriving or info from the ultrasound.

Keep us in your prayers.

2 thoughts on “Ultrasound

  1. Meg

    The ultrasound went well. Baby is doing good. I am doing good. I go in for another check up tomorrow.

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