Family Time

This past weekend almost the whole Shannon clan came up to meet Elise (Jon had to work). It was great to see everyone and watch them pass Elise around. I think the boys had the most fun of all though. They love when Cousin Zeke comes to play and they really love all the attention they get from all the aunts and uncles!

Beth and her friend Jade made also made the trek over to MN to meet little Elise. They made a 9 hour detour on their way to CO for a few minutes of cuddling Elise.

Someday Elise if you read this blog you must note how much everyone loves you. Before they even met you, family was driving hours and hours just to snuggle you and love you in person. And Michael and PJ, if you read this – have no fear you were able to steal the spotlight and manipulate everyone into playing trains and puzzles.

Here are the rest of the pics from the last few days.

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