2 months old!

Elise turned 2 months on Tuesday.

Also on Tuesday Patrick went to the doctor and was put on antibiotics for a double ear infection and I was told to take him to a specialist to have his ears checked out.

Wednesday at the end of the preschool day Michael was bit by another kid and was left bruised and sore.

Today, Thursday, Tim stayed home from work. He now has the cold that the rest of us had last week.

Tomorrow Elise goes into the optometrist for her pink eye.

Happy 2 Months Old Elise!

I promise next month will be better- Please God let next month be better than this month.

Please keep praying for Landon and his family. Every time I start feeling bad for myself I think of them keeping vigil… Pink eye doesn’t seem so bad. Please pray for Landon. He needs a miracle.

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