Patrick is THREE!

or the alternate title to this post:

Patrick is THREE?

When did this happen?

My super sweet, cuddle loving, sensitive baby is THREE!

We celebrated with a day of his favorites. Pancakes by Dad, sharks at the MOA, a long car ride driving under lots of bridges (DUCK!), chicken nugget picnic in the basement, watching a movie with the family, cake and ice cream, presents and an extra long story time before bed. It was a good day. We all had fun- we are all exhausted but it was worth it!

more of Patrick James’ birthday here

and the latest of Elise.

4 thoughts on “Patrick is THREE!

  1. Nama

    Great pictures! Sounds like a perfect birthday. Love the cake and pillow. Patrick is a lucky boy to have such a creative mom!

  2. Beth

    so… is tim giving michael a big daddy hug or…. holding him back so PJ can open his presents by himself?! lol AND I really hope you’re not playing “drinking games” with the boys. (theres a pic with it on the floor) 🙂

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