Trick or Treat

On Friday Michael had a day of Halloween fun at Preschool. There was a parade of all the kids in their costumes. The two kids that Michael talks about most are Ariel with the wig, Luke Sky Walker, and one of the Batmans. (I am leaving names out for the other kids’ privacy)

Elise wasn’t to happy about the headband but she was a sport and posed for A LOT of pictures for her first Halloween!

And the boys had a blast trick or treating. After the third house Patrick came running back to me screaming, “I GOT MORE!”

and Elise made a quick appearance to get in on the pre trick or treat pictures

it took the boys and I a little over an hour  to get around the block. We hit every “Halloween House” (house with lights on) They filled their jack-o-lanterns until they were “SO heavy!”  and feasted on two of their treats when we got home.

more pics here

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