November & December Highlights


8th Elise looks especially cute!

13th Elise Baptism in Grand Forks

20th Boys make Dragon Wings. Paper cuts and flying lessons from Michael ensue.

20th Elise plays with toys and looks extra cute.

25th Elise’s first Thanksgiving. She skipped the turkey and opted for a liquid diet for the day.

26th We decorate for Christmas!

26th Elise rolls over from belly to back!

  • we have yet to get this on video or pic. she is very camera shy/stealthy about this!

28th Elise turned 4 months!


1st Elise weighs in at 13lbs 14oz

6th Michael plays Candyland

16th Patrick poops in potty!

17th Michael’s Preschool Christmas program!

18th Our Family Christmas (First of the FIVE Christmases we had this year!)

19th-27th Christmas Break at Nama and Papas with Auntie Buffy!

22nd Christmas with the Clutes and Christensens

23rd Beth gives the boys an early Christmas present and life as we know it changes. “My Hippo is HUNGRY!”

23rd Boys help with Christmas Dinner prep

24th Christmas with the Arnolds, Church and attempt at a family photo

25th Michael’s 4th Christmas, Patrick’s 3rd Christmas and Elise’s FIRST CHRISTMAS!

25th Elise eats solids for the first time!

26th Day at the Cabin (or at least a few good hours)

28th Elise 5 months old and just slightly bigger than her Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that Grandma Moo made her!

30th: Elise eats more solids

more to come. I will add to this post over the next couple of days. As of now road reports look drivable so I need to start packing up for our 5th and final Christmas. Christmas with the Shannons in Grand Forks- Here we come!

UPDATED 12-30 at 3pm:

We will not be going to Grand Forks this weekend. Roads are too tough. Check out all the November and December photos.

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