Thankful it wasn’t today…

If plans wouldn’t have changed, today would have been the day of Elise’s surgery.

We are seven weeks away from the surgery. (February 23rd) There isn’t much we can do to get ready for it besides try and stay as healthy as possible. Elise is growing stronger, longer, chunkier and more wonderful every day.

It is a bad blurry photo, but here is the most recent pic showing her oblong shaped head.

and here is a profile from when this all began when she was just 4 weeks old.

If you look at the photos from the first post we wrote about this you can see my hand holding her head straight. I had to do this in order to get a photo of her facing the camera straight on. Because of the ridge and the subsiquent nub that was already forming at the back of her head she was not able to lay flat on the back of her head. At that time her neck was not strong enough to balance her head on the nub.

We know she is getting stronger because she has no problem balancing her head now. In fact she is even wearing down a bald spot just like other babies her age. I never thought I would be so happy to see a bald spot on my baby girl.

I know in my heart she will be fine. It will be a hell of a couple of weeks, but when it is all over she will be better off. I am ready for this to all be over, but I am glad it wasn’t today.

and finally this is her fitting into the dress I made her.

So cute! (and proof of how strong our baby girl is)

She is a tough little baby. Just today she survived Michael teaching Patrick how to “TOUCH GENTLY!” I think she was more alarmed by how loudly Michael was instructing Patrick than she was of the two little big brothers hovering over her patting her on the belly.

She is 5 months and one week old today. She brings us more joy than we ever imagined.

Seven weeks and she can finally have the surgery and we can start putting this all behind us.

One thought on “Thankful it wasn’t today…

  1. Jess

    Meg, I thought of you guys this week and while I am also really looking forward to you guys having this done and behind you, I’m glad she has more time to grow and make the surgery the most effective one it can be. I laughted out loud imagining the boys’ ‘touch gently’ tutorial =) She’s going to go into that surgery saying, “Bring it–I’ve got things to do & brothers to entertain!”

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