PJ’s Tongue

On Sunday we played outside while Elise took her morning nap.

This is how Patrick plays trucks…

Not unlike the way his father plays…

except after years of honing his tongue biting concentration habit Tim has learned to only chew – not bite.

Patrick has yet to learn that.

I called Beth, like I always do when someone gets hurt and she told me what she tells me 60% of the time.- “Ice it.”  It took an emergency trip to the gas station to stock up on frozen treats. PJ had to eat 2 icees, one jell-o cup, and a very large banana fudgesicle to stop the bleeding.

Poor kid. He has had a rough week.

2 thoughts on “PJ’s Tongue

  1. Beth

    Oh come on! that’s not what I “always” tell you. I only tell you that when it’s needed!! Ice helps. PS….that looks like it hurts! poor kid. Hopefully it heals soon!

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