Tuesday at Mayo

11:30 Elise had her blood drawn so they know her blood type for the transfusion(s) during and possibly after the surgery

12-1 explore Mayo and eat some lunch and I declare we will not leave Mayo until we buy something that says Mayo- preferably a teddy bear with Mayo on it.

1:15 Elise meets with a pediatrician and gets the okay for surgery. She weighed in at 7.something kilos- whatever that means

1:45-2:30 Elise naps on the floor in the Plastics waiting room

2:30 met with Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Clay, and his nurse MaryJo -who is fabulous- and went over what all is going to happen tomorrow and the next few days.

Tomorrow we check in at 6:30am at St. Mary’s Hospital.

We get to stay with her through the pre-op process of getting her head shaved etc.

oh and I forgot to tell you all (things have been a little nuts) the boys got new big boy hair cuts!

all surgery pics will be posted here

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