Surgery – update 9:05 pm

We just handed Elise (actually about 20 minutes ago. it took a little bit to compose myself enough to be able to type. I do not recommend this to any other parents out there) over to the anesthesia team. They will put her to sleep with a mask. Then after she is out they will put in the iv lines and prep her head for surgery. I guess I was mistaken in the fog that was yesterday listening to all the different docs and nurses talk. We will not be with her when she goes under or when they shave her head.

They estimate that her actual surgery will start at 10. It is a 90-95 minute procedure. We will meet her up in Pediatric ICU when the surgery is over. She may or may not have woken up by then.

Tim and I are in the waiting room now. We have an ID number that we watch for on the tv that will give us updates throughout the surgery. We will also get updates from the nurses. We will keep you all posted as much as possible. It is not easy to type or write cohesive (see I even had to ask Tim for help writing this one) sentences right now.

My mom and sister are on their way. They have been instructed to bring 6 decks of cards (tim has the 7th here) and we plan on playing hand and foot to pass the time.

Thank you all for all the prayers, texts, emails and words of support. It will be a long and hard next few days but we are confidant that it will all be ok.

Pictures will be here.

We’ll keep updating this post as we get information:

9:24 – Procedure Starts.

10:41 – The doctors are “slowly closing up”.  The major part of the surgery is finished.  We should be getting an update from the doctor directly about how the surgery went soon.

11:20 – Surgery Ended

11:30 – Talked to the doctor.  He said everything went great, and he took about and inch to an inch and a half off the “nub” on the back of her skull.  We’ll be able to see her in the ICU in 30 minutes or so.

2:00 – Finally got to the ICU with Elise.  She looks great.  She is fairly awake, and is currently breast feeding.

7:30 – 8:00 pm – Elise was awake and alert after a long nap on Meg.  She played peek-a-boo and tried making a few smiles.

8:00 – on – Got some pain meds and took some formula, and is now sleeping soundly. Elise will be checked in the morning, and the doctor will ok her to leave the ICU, after which we’ll move floors to the room where we will continue her recovery for the rest of the week.  Hopefully less.

4 thoughts on “Surgery – update 9:05 pm

  1. Jess

    By now you are probably seeing Elise–so glad the surgery went well. Praying for strength and wellbeing for all of you over the next few days!!

  2. Abby

    I’ve been refreshing your page all morning waiting to hear updates. So greatful everything went well. She is soo strong, I’ll be praying for Elise and her nervous family during her recovery.

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