Last night went great. Elise slept through the night until 5am when they woke her up to take blood. Besides the baseline of Tylenol they keep her on she didn’t need any other meds during the night.

She fed after the blood draw and got some oxycodone. She napped again until 7 when the parade of doctors began. She has been cleared by the neuro team to be moved to the regular floor and the plastics resident and another plastics surgeon gave a thumbs up too. We are just waiting for the official word from Dr. Clay.

She is doing great and recovering quickly. One eye is swollen shut right now and she can open the other about half way. She doesn’t seem too mad about this but I can tell the pain meds are starting to wear off and she is getting more uncomfortable and restless.

The plastics doc said because she is still draining fluid that he thought that Clay would keep the bandage on her head for a while longer to help keep the drainage tube in place. The draining has lessened greatly but they want to keep it in a bit longer to try and get as much of the excess liquid out as possible.

I spent the night in the room with her on a pull out couch thing and Tim went back to the hotel. We both got a good night sleep and are feeling rested. He is checking out of the hotel and packing to come over here. He should be here within the half hour. Hopefully in time to meet with Clay.

I will update more as the day progresses, for now I am going to try and get her some more meds. Thanks for all the prayers. Keep it up. They are working. She is doing so good!

*** Update *** 4:24pm

Both eyes are now swollen shut.  They’ve moved us out of the ICU.  A lot of her monitors and tubes are now taken off, and the next big step is to remove her cranial drainage tube.  She seems to be in a lot more pain now, and can be quite uncomfortable at times due to the swelling, but she’s managing it like a champ.

More pictures here.

Update: 8pm

The Nuero Resident came in and pulled the cranial dranage tube. She didn’t even whimper.

She had a tough few hours and has been having trouble eating. We think it is because the meds and pain are making her nauseous. She is sleeping now. Before falling asleep she was able to open both eyes again. The Neuro Resident said that usually once they start to get better they rarely get worse again. That said there will most likely be a little more swelling in the morning on which ever side of her face she sleeps on.

We keep hearing Saturday as the release date. Tomorrow morning she gets the bandages off and they will be able to get a better look at her.

Tim is able to stay in the room with us tonight. Tim and I are already in pajamas and will be ready to call it a night soon.

Thank you for the prayers- she is doing well. Please keep praying she has a tough night a head of her. She is really struggling to get comfortable and to stay asleep. Hopefully she will be able to stomach some formula or breast milk and get a good night sleep.

2 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Jess

    Poor little monkey. Look at her reach out like, “Hey, my people!” Have they said when the expect the swelling to reduce? Hang in there!

  2. Erika

    Oh Meg, sounds like your holding up. Wish I was there to give you a hug. She is such a sweet heart. Hope you are all well, and thanks for the updates. We will keep praying.
    Buenos Nachos! 🙂

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