A Number Meme

.08 mg of thyroid meds Lucy now takes twice a day. I told you it was a thyroid condition!
1 set of very tired parents
2 surgeries on 2 kids in 2 months
3 kiddos under 1 at the Shannon house for the Fun Run (It was so fun to hang out with Gracie and to snuggle my new nephew Zach!)
4 Grandparents welcomed Elise home from the Hospital
5 days total spent in Rochester
6 kids total at the Shannon Fun Run
7 Shannon “Big Kids” in Jamestown for the fun run. The 5 original and the two of us who married into the family.
8 Shannon “Big Kids” if you count Rachel’s new boyfriend. But I don’t. You have to live through at least 1 Christmas and 1 camping trip to be considered part of the clan.
9 months is the size of clothes that our big girl Elise is fitting into now!
10 consecutive work days is the number Tim took off for surgery- a possible record for Tim!
11 times a day Michael asks to play Minecraft with Daddy
14th of march is the first time Elise sat up on her own
21 inches long 8 lbs on March 5th my second nephew Zechariah Leslie was born!
31 is the number Michael answers when asked, “What is your favorite number?” And if you are wondering, Patrick says his is, “THREE!”
62 stitches on Elise’s head before they started dissolving
190 days Landon has been in the hospital
191st day is the day Landon heads home. Please remember him and the rest of the Hochstetlers in your prayers.
200 (and some change) hours of vacation Tim needs to take off. Anyone want to take the kids for a week?
349 pictures Tim and I took over St Patty’s Weekend
352 miles from Cottage Grove to Jamestown- one way.
421 new pics uploaded today.

One thought on “A Number Meme

  1. Beth

    I’ll take the kids for a week!!!! PLEASE! They would love all the toys (aka rehab equipment) in the training room!

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