It can be about The Lamb and a Bunny. This weekend we plan to celebrate both (and Cousin Zeke’s 2nd Birthday too)

Today we went to Target to stock up on plastic Easter Eggs for the hunt. The boys were/are pumped. So pumped that I thought a little reminder of why we celebrate Easter was necessary.

Here is a break down of what Easter is really about according to our Doctor of Philosophy, Michael Shannon:

“He died on the cross. He went in the tomb. Then it was Easter. Then he went up to Heaven.”

Got it?

Pretty simple right?

I love kids.

A few more nuggets of thought provoking wisdom from Michael:

while looking at a picture of Jesus in clouds, “When I go to heaven I want there to be ground so I can walk.”

“When I go to heaven I want to come back to where I came from like Jesus did.”

“so then the Easter bunny hops to Target to get toys then hops to Grand Forks?”

And from my little consumer, Patrick:

“I like the Bunny.”

“The Bunny brings toys.”

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