One Two Three SPLASH!

Today was the second week of swim lessons for both Patrick and Elise. They both LOVE it so much.

I may be a bit biased, but I am pretty sure that Elise has Clute blood running through those veins because she is a natural. She has taken to the water like a fish. She loves every bit of it. She kicks her chunky legs and splashes her hands in the water. She barely bats an eye when the water splashes her face. Her favorite is to “jump” into the water from the ledge. She gets the biggest smile on her face every time I lift her up to “bob” her up and down in the water.

Patrick has always loved the water but to be in actual swim lessons (besides two weeks of baby lessons and one failed swim lesson before getting tubes in his ears) and participating in those lessons is huge for him. He marches to his own beat and swim lessons is no different. He struggles to wait his turn to “swim” with the instructor. He did much better today but he would prefer to be able to just do what he wanted. I can’t imagine what preschool will be like for this kid. Michael is one thing, he takes a few tries to pick up on something but once he gets it he is good to go. Patrick “gets” things right away but chooses to be difficult. Luckily the instructor is really patient and so good with the kids. Patrick did so much better today waiting his turn and following instructions. He loves kicking in the water and “scooping” the water with his hands.

Both Elise and Patrick were starving after swim lessons. Patrick ate 2 hotdogs, an orange, a piece of cheese and tater tots for lunch and woke up hungry after nap. It reminded me how Beth and I used to polish off a plate of spaghetti and go back for seconds after swim practice. Oh man, those were the days. I can still remember the lovely shade of green our hair was from all that chlorine!

Side note, PJ’s ears seem to be doing well. They leak goo for a while after lessons but he doesn’t complain about pain and he hasn’t had any of the normal ear ache symptoms so hopefully the tubes have done their job and he can be the swimmer he has always wanted to be.

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