Elise is 9 months

I can’t believe it. Nine months. Her hair is really growing in and the scar is healing so nicely. She is hitting all her milestones and then some.

She cut her 5th and 6th tooth today (or over the past few days to be more accurate) but today you can really see them.

She loves Patrick. She loves Patrick more than anything. If Patrick wasn’t my son,  I would be a bit jealous. Patrick of course eats up the attention like he eats up everything else… and then he goes back for seconds which make Elise giggle even more.

It has been two months since the surgery. Life is good (besides her older brothers peeing on the Lego table yesterday) and we have found a new norm. I love that the surgery is now an after thought. Something she went through and conquered like a champ. She really is so strong.

Besides Patrick, he favorite things to do right now are trying to crawl (she is still army crawling), eating (she is already emulating big brother PJ), watching her brothers play, chewing anything she can get her chubby paws on, riding in the sling and now swimming lessons!

Happy Nine Months Elise Lily!

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