We love Beth. All of us. Elise gets more smiles. Patrick gets more one on one. Michael has another person to tell stories too. I have someone to help wrangle kids so I can finish projects. Tim plays video games at night with no guilt because I am gabbing with Auntie Buffy.

We love Beth.

So far we have…

raked up the old much on the retaining wall.

added 18 40lb bags of topsoil to the retaining wall.

pulled out 4 dead shrubs I have killed.

planted new (alive) shrubs.

relayed landscaping fabric.

put down 12 new bags of mulch.

planted Michael’s seedlings.

painted the “music/plant room” gray (well technically started painting. we will finish at nap today).

organized the office.

played hours and hours.

giggled a lot.

ran countless errands.

painted wooden boats.

made orange baby food.

and so much more.

we love having Beth here. If anyone knows of an Athletic Training job in the Twin Cities. PLEASE let Beth know. We want her to stay around here!

Pics coming soon, probably tonight when we are to exhausted to work on a more physically demanding project!

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