We had a very VERY productive and fun weekend. It is amazing what all can get done when we actually stay at home for a weekend!

Tim did get the dishwasher fixed and it is the best thing that has happened for our marriage – ever.

I didn’t get the garden in partly because of crappy weather but mostly because of ANTS! Not just a few ants. I am talking ANTS. I was going to take pics for proof but it was too gross. You will just have to trust me, you believed me when I said the boys spread poo all over their walls with out photo proof so you will just have to trust me again. The amount of ANTS is disgusting. There is even little nasty white larvae looking sacks in the ant hill. Gross.

After some Googling and confirming with my Grandma I decided on going the Borax/Sweet n Low route. Cross your fingers for me but I have a feeling even if I kill all the ants (and drown all the slugs in beer- Thanks Granny for the tip!) I won’t be able to get a garden in before it gets too late… come to think of it, I don’t know what too late is. Must Google MN gardening timeline.

Anyways. This afternoon I will Borax and Sweet N Low the heck out of the garden and hopefully see results in the next couple days. The boys are pumped to help “HUNT THE ANTS!”


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