I love this (even if it is about a fish- you all know my feelings about fish!)

My kids are geniuses. Einstein says so so it must be true. They may genius banana eaters (Elise), manipulators (Patrick), pattern finders (Michael) but they are geniuses. Just wait. Elise will become a food eating champ. Patrick, a world renowned criminal defender (probably defending himself more often than not). And Michael will create some sort of logic and pattern driven machine that does something only Tim understands.

And maybe next week Elise will be a genius talker (I am beginning to think she means Mama when she says Mama!) with a future in public speaking. Patrick will be a genius tantrum thrower which will grow into a career in lobbying on Capital Hill. And Michael, well see for yourself. He will probably cure cancer or at least help the hearing impaired!

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