Father’s Day 2010

Due to technical difficulties with the gallery and my phone being MIA I cannot post any pics for Father’s Day. Just know that Tim is being treated like a King. The King of Rock and Roll to be exact. Tim feasted on a fried peanut butter, banana & bacon sandwich this morning. It is said to be Elvis’s favorite food. I am guessing it was his favorite during the “Fat Elvis” years because this sandwich was dripping with bacon grease, gooey pb and buttery fried bread.

Tim loved it. I am sure his heart slowed to a snail pace while eating it. I love him enough to fry the bacon for that sandwich and I think bacon is gross and it smells up the house and you need protective clothing and goggles to fight of the spraying greese. Cooking bacon should come with hazard pay benefits. It just goes to show you how much I love Tim. And even more proof that I love him is that I laid down the law and stated that even though he loved that sandwich, he only gets it once a year. He only gets it once a year because I am beginning to suspect it wasn’t the drugs that killed The King, it was this sandwich!

Happy Fathers Day Tim. You are an amazing father. We love you.

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