UPDATE> I started this post about a week ago. Just finished it today. How is that for procrastination… no wonder we still haven’t gotten the floor boards back up!

Something to smile about because if I watch another minute of Minot Flooding coverage I will fall apart.

Patrick while banging a spoon on the driveway, “Look at the noise I am making!”

Milly (neighbor girl 5 months older than Michael) to Michael, “Why do you ask Why all the time?”

I ask the same question all the time Milly!

Patrick, “I am hungry for…. SUGAR!” (when referring to the puppy chow we made)

On the way to lunch at Chilis with my girl friend Jenna (after eating a weeks worth of leftover chili) Michael states, “I can not have chilli again. I don’t like chilli…. chilli makes me sick? I don’t want to have chilli. We had chilli already last supper.”

I have never seen him so relieved when I told him he didn’t have to have chilli at Chilis!

Elise, “Dadadadadadadad!”

Michael, “When I am five years old I will be five years old.”

When asked what Michael wants for his birthday  (There was 8 minutes- I spared you all the long version and cut it down to 3!):

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