July 4th

“Do you know why the 4th of July is important?” – Meg

“Because that means it’s almost my birthday!” – Michael

A raging flood in Minot, ND canceled our original 4th of July plans, but we made the most of our weekend at home anyway.

First Meg decided it was time to ditch our old, falling apart chest we’re using as a coffee table in the basement and build a nice one from scratch.  Elise supervised

Due to the 100+ degree weather all weekend, the boys did a lot of swimming.

Our microwave died, so we had to install a new one.

And after all that we had a relaxing barbecue out on the deck with brats and smores.

And of course, fireworks.

Happy 4th of July.  I hope you all had as much fun this weekend as we did.  You can find all of the pictures here.



P.S.  It was also Elise’s first 4th of July.  She’s almost 1 year old.

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