Un-Apologetic Excuses.




So yeah, Michael has been five for a week and I still haven’t wrote a birthday post. The pics have been up for a few days but no big birthday post. I feel guilty even though I have a few real good excuses like Patrick getting a chemical burn on his face because of a careless and lazy doctor.

And that Tim had a week off of work so we soaked up as much daddy/husband time as possible.

Or that we decided to take a very last minute trip to Minot to see my family and to see the flood devastation first hand.

The Dear Michael it is your 5th birthday post will come soon. Hopefully before Elise’s First Birthday post!

For now stay tuned. I will be uploading roughly 8 million of the 12 million pics I took this weekend of the boys going on adventures, Elise STANDING by her tree, Patrick riding buck, Michael riding lawn mower and so much more.

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