Oak Park – Minot, North Dakota

Growing up I spent countless hours at Oak Park. I got my first bee sting at Oak Park. Besides a fantastic playground there is a beautiful walking path, a new splash park, wide open spaces and much more. In grade school we went to Swimming award banquets at Oak Park. In High School there were theatre award banquets. Tim and my rehearsal dinner was at Oak Park.

Oak part was flooded in the Minot Flood. It flooded in a big way.

I couldn’t find a good photo of Oak Park since the flood. But you can imagine from that Google Maps link that Oak Park is/was under a lot of water.


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There will be many fundraisers and charities that will be asking for money for Minot. If you can donate monetarily, please do. Minot needs all the help it can get. If you can’t donate monetarily here is a easy way you can make a difference now, right now, from the comfort of your keyboard. Coca Cola is donating up to $100,000 to the park that gets the most votes on THIS website. So click on the link and VOTE FOR OAK PARK! OR for fast voting so you don’t have to “search” for the park click here. How ever you do it, please vote.

As Beth said on Facebook, “The park had fancy, new equipment within the last few years. Spent a few days with one of my nephews and he loved it!

This would bring some light to the community! you can vote more than once! keep voting!” So  bring some light to Minot and vote, bring lots of light and vote a hundred times!

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