Peer Pressure – for the kids’ sake

I want to buy this kids IKEA cooking set for Elise for her birthday (3 days and counting!)

and probably the utensils to go with it… because it is a set and all…

And before Beth gets up on her high horse let me say this

  1. we have enough boy toys in the house to have a boys only day care
  2. she has two older brothers- she will be exposed to her fair share of boy-ness
  3. she will be exposed to the same amount of sports as the boys are which is approximately none.

The reason I want her to have the above cooking set is because she loves to bang things together AND I really want to build her (and the boys) this Play Kitchen Set (design by Ana White – my DIY hero)

Ana White Play Kitchen

We have built six (side table, console table, 3 shelves, 2 toy cubbies, 2 rolling pallet cubes and a coffee table) of her designs so far and all of them have turned out great. Most recently we built this heavy duty coffee table (I just realized I have not posted pics of the finished product yet. I will do that soon)

You may be wondering what the Peer Pressure title is all about- it seems like this is a post about projects… Well the peer pressure is for Tim. He is dragging his “projected out” feet on this one. I want to start this project as soon as yesterday next weekend. Maybe a little peer pressure will get him on board. Catch my drift? Time to lay on the guilt. You know, for the kids’ sake. They want to play kitchen… it has nothing to do with my thinking it would look adorable in the piano/lego room painted a 60’s vintage blue need to be doing a project at all times. It is all for the kids. Maybe a little for me, but come on – it is SO cute and the boys love to help me cook. They even have their own measuring cups!

It is posts like these that I can just imagine my Dad reading and simultaneously thanking God that I was married off young and am out of his wallet hair!

2 thoughts on “Peer Pressure – for the kids’ sake

  1. Jess

    Oh my gosh, you are hilarious. Maybe you should also tell Tim that the kids could use all that to cook for starving children in Africa. I think those pots and pans are nicer than my real set! 🙂

  2. Megan Post author

    I know, right?! The pots and pans are even tested and approved to be used with real food. Not bad for just under 10 bucks! I heart IKEA.

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