“It is like talking to your Father.”

Just after writing this post, the boys and I went outside while Elise napped. I am feeling slightly better today so I thought I should try tackling the weeds in the front yard. Like usual the project of weeding turned into trimming bushes and a plan…

Me, “Hey boys, Do you think Mommy should expand this garden area here?”

Michael, “Why?”

Me, “Because then we could put in some more bushes.”

Michael, “Why?”

Me, “Because it would look pretty!”

Patrick, “Watch me roll down the hill Mom!”

Michael, “Why would it look pretty?”

Me, “Because I would plant bushes with flowers on them?”

Michael, “But why?”

Me, “Because I want it to be bigger and have more bushes and look pretty.”

Michael, “Why?”

Me, “Michael, it is like I am talking to your Father!”

Michael, “Why?”

Me, “Because you sound just like him.”

Michael, “Oh.”

Me, “You are just like your Dad.”

Michael, “Yeah. I am.”

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